Courage From The Heart
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“Miss Louise, did your Aunt Maggie talk to you about what her days were like during those times?” “Yes, Henry. She told me that all of the nurses helped each other very much. They ate together, took turns cooking, and planted vegetables when they were able to make gardens. They really worked together to take care of the people that needed their help.”  

Mom's Choice Awards 2016 Silver Award Recipient: Courage From The Heart evolved through years of inspiration from children, those individuals who had a lifetime of memories to share, and America’s finest...the men and women in uniform who serve in The United States Armed Forces. The characters in my fifth book exemplify a nature to give of themselves and to care for others. As the main character and storyteller, Miss Louise speaks with her captive audience, Henry, Agnes, and Joan; she reminisces about her career as a nurse in the U.S. Navy Corps.  And, as the afternoon visit between the four lingers on with purpose and unexpected meaning, Miss Louise speaks in detail about her Aunt Margaret, a nurse in the U.S. Navy Corps who served in the Philippines during World War II. Courage From The Heart remembers and pays tribute to the United States Army and Navy Nurses who were
stationed at several U.S. base hospitals in the Philippines from 1941-1945. These women nurses that were sent into combat were
strong, confident, and kind-their kindness was framed in courage.

Hardcover: 40 pages
First Published: May 18, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-692-53975-0
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.8 x 0.5 inches
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Editorial Reviews

"What a delight! Glenna C. Orr’s book Courage from the Heart is a true story telling the experience of a Navy Nurse. At the age of 20 in the year 1943, I was sworn in the Marine Corps.  I can relate to the story and the times. Also, Glenna expresses well the knowledge that can be shared between older and younger generations." -- Norma Rambow B.S.M.A.

"In Glenna Orr’s fifth book, Courage from the Heart, she skillfully explores the power of connection, the importance of multi-generational relationships, and the insights offered through oral history. Stories of those who have served will inspire future generations,  as the sound of freedom becomes ageless, courageous, and personal.  This is America’s story, and Glenna has given us a treasure. -- Bonnie Carroll, President & Founder Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

"Glenna Orr’s book honors those who quietly answer the call to serve our country and to inspire the rest of us to do the same.  With a simple story about youngsters who meet an older lady in a park, we learn about the nurses who helped our wounded service members during World War II.  This book wonderfully recognizes the work and dedication of additional members of our ‘Greatest Generation’ in saving democracy for our world.” -- Peter W. Barnes, Author and Journalist


Courage From The Heart

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